4-C Talent prep


Performers (and parents) with faith and values know the extreme difficulty of finding credible, professional coaching that does not involve cursing and adult content. Often, they enroll in classes only to be shamed into compromise or withdrawal, leaving them less prepared than others. Therefore, they bury or "contain" their talent, because they don’t know how to succeed ethically. But if God gives you a talent that is not developed, it nags you. It burns inside of you, along with a feeling of incompleteness: like you missed something important.


Benefits of the 4-C's

SHINE coaches and educational materials are Clean

God allowed this age of Media. How better To Reach the World?


learn how to set value-based limits on what you do

without making enemies or losing your marketability


 SHINE Coaches are industry Pros at the top of their games

You can learn from them, instead of trial and Error

No Adult Content in Scripts, Songs or Pictures

Despite popular opinions, you shouldn't sacrifice your values

Parents and spouses Learn their roles in your journey

Because Loved ones should be with you every step of the way

Know how to Stand out without selling out

in the current media climate, Fans are in Desperate Need of positive Role Models. why not you?