the 7 secrets to entertainment industry success

do you want to know what the 1% who "make it" know?

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How can you rise above the 99% of performers who are struggling with little to no success (or simply give up their dreams) to join the small group who are fulfilling their destinies?

If you’re interested in being a part of SHINE or auditioning for the SHINE VIP Intensive, watching the 7 Secrets of Success webinar is your FIRST STEP.

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7 Secrets to Join the
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This free SHINE webinar will change your life!

If you’ve wondered what successful performers have in common or why certain people “make it” - but a lot of other talented people don’t, then stop wondering. This SHINE webinar will tell you and give you real-life examples.

Find out how to get out of the 99% who never get off home base and join the 1% who are living their dreams. How do you get on the stage of a major show… or even get the casting directors to notice you?

These 7 SECRETS aren't taught in acting, dance, music or modeling schools. At best, you might learn 1 or 2 of them. But not all 7. Because most schools focus is on one particular area and rarely on how to make it in the real world.


How can you (or your loved one) stand out in a crowd

of hopeful performers?


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The SHINE team has had over 35 years of talent development success with with every diverse kind of talented person just like you in every genre of the entertainment industry. Read More Here.

SHINE has seen countless stars rise, and studied the countless hopefuls who never got there… and they’re willing to share this information with you.

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You can save yourself

time, money and heartache by knowing in advance what to expect and what’s expected of you in the big business of entertainment