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Audition for the SHINE VIP Intensive without leaving your own home. It’s easy, personal and you receive an answer within two business days. Unlike other auditions, even if you aren't chosen at this time, you’ll get kind, constructive and professional advice. The SHINE audition will give you life-changing information about your talent potential.


In Most auditions...


If you're not chosen, you don't know how you did. But SHINE is different. Either way, We'll give you feedback to help you in all future auditions. We want to help you move forward.


Stand by... ACTION

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Step 1: Prepare your Audition Video

  • ALL TALENT: Your video begins with a slate (introduction). Your name, age and a (very) brief introduction.
  • ACTORS: Perform a 30-second to 1-minute monologue or commercial. You can use original material or click the button below to see sample audition scripts. Singers, Models, Rappers and Dancers must do a script, too. All serious performers must have on-camera speaking potential. Your audition cannot be considered without an acting read. 
  • SINGERS/SONGWRITERS: Introduce your song and perform a 1-minute cut a cappella... If you play an instrument you may use it. If so, make sure your voice is easily heard and not overwhelmed by your instrument.
  • RAPPERS: Introduce your song and follow the instructions above. You can use a beat, but make sure it is not too loud.
  • MODELS:  Wear natural (or no) makeup and well-fitted clothing. Shoot facial close-ups, smiling and serious, a profile, a full length shot and a turn. If you have room, walk for the camera.
  • DANCERS: Introduce yourself and perform your acting script. Attach a separate video of a dance performance.
  • NOTE: No audition will be reviewed without a video. Pictures are unnecessary.
  • You are encouraged to audition in more than one area. You can put more than one on a video. Or, you can attach up to 2 videos.

Step 2:
Fill out your application
& Attach your video Audition

Mobile Phone *
Mobile Phone
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Date of Birth *
Date of Birth
If you are under 18, do you have parental consent to audition?
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If under 18
If under 18
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Please use youtube, vimeo to submit your audition. Video must include: 1) You introducing yourself on camera; 2) ACTORS, SINGERS, MODELS, DANCERS, RAPPERS: a monologue or commercial script. NOTE: regardless of your primary talent, SHINE must see how well you act on camera 3) SINGERS/RAP: 1 minute song of your choice; 4) MODELS: Face (smiling and serious) and full length image with a turn; 5) DANCERS: attach a separate video of you dancing
If Needed
If Performer is under 18, please enter his or her answer, not yours.
If Performer is under 18, please enter his or her answer, not yours.
If You Are Primarily A Singer, Model, Rapper Or Dancer, Did You Remember To Perform An Acting Script In Your Audition? *
It can be part of your main audition video, or you can attach a separate video. If needed, a link to sample SHINE audition scripts is in the audition instructions.
You Have Checked Out SHINE's Programs, Fees & Services, Including The VIP Intensive *

Step 3: Receive Your Audition Results within 2 business Days



On your Results Call

If you pass

Your Audition, you'll receive feedback, recommendations and next steps.

if you don't pass

Your Audition, you'll receive Kind & honest feedback as well as advice on how to grow as a performer.


One More Thing...

The SHINE audition will change your life... Whether you receive a callback or you do not, you will learn valuable information in a safe and kind way. If you do pass, you'll receive choices to move forward. Make sure you looked at the Services & Fees link so you'll know what service is of most interest to you. If you do not pass, you'll receive advice on how to improve and you are welcome to audition again when feel ready.