Carey's Story: Her Own words

"Most Christians are born into the faith or find Jesus early. I've been told: "The older you get, the lower the odds." But I've always liked long-shots. So I became one, committing to Christ at the age of 51."

"Back story: I was raised as an Episcopalian at my home city's most "influential" church. To a truth-seeking girl, church seemed like a social statement. Maybe believers were there, but I didn't meet them. As a young adult, I followed my older brother into Buddhism and went to a school called Naropa Institute in Boulder, CO for two summers. I even took Buddhist refuge vows. But soon enough, I found the same arrogance in Buddhism I disliked in Christianity. So I left."

"For the next 29 years, I was a business success and spiritual misfit. I believed in God, but didn't know Jesus. I didn't trust Christians. I thought they were finger-pointing hypocrites. Even so, a few honest-to-God believers were my friends. I respected them, but it took a series of "breakings" in my seemingly good life to bring me to my knees. Once down, I was low enough to look up."

"Long story short: I found Jesus in a lonely cabin on the top of a mountain. He'd been there all along, but I finally surrendered to Him and found a new life."

A few months later, God spoke to me on a treadmill. He told me to devote my work in entertainment to Him."

I was thrilled. I finally knew my purpose: the reason my mom was a NY fashion model; the reason I followed her into business; the reason I  worked so hard for so long."

"I realized God allowed this mega-mess we call media – for such a time as this, a time of deep darkness: so His stars could enter the labor of others; so they could rise and shine; so they could multiply His talents; so He could reap where He did not sow; so lost fans could find positive role models..."

"So the Great Commission of Jesus Christ could be carried out in a new way – at the speed of Light with love, not condemnation."

"AMTC (formerly Actor, Models & Talent Convention) got a name-lift: Actors, Models and Talent for Christ. God ordained AMTC to run for 35 years, through trials, triumphs and countless success stories."

"Therein, AMTC is my past. I am thankful for it. SHINE, LLC is my present and future. It carries the legacy of AMTC in a newer and sleeker way."


Carey's Accomplishments

  • Co-Founder of AMTC, with 4 decades of success in the talent development industry: finding, preparing and launching actors, models, singers, rappers and dancers into film, fashion, music and theatre.
  • Frequent Guest Speaker at talent gatherings, churches and conferences, especially on God's Work in the entertainment industry and how every believer can help further His work
  • Recipient of 2 "Lifetime Achievement Awards" for contributions to the rising of faith-based media and positive stars: first in March 2012 at "The Cry Hollywood" in Los Angeles, by Rob and Faytene Kryskow Grasseschi, along with co-winners, singer/actor, Pat Boone, and MovieGuide's Dr. Ted Baehr.  Carey's 2nd "Lifetime Achievement Award" came in September 2017, again in Los Angeles by Marc Mouton of the LifeForce Christian Foundation.
  • Written & published Daily Devotions geared to the media generation from 2008 through today...
  • Author of Personal Development Secrets, The Holiday Diet and her latest work to be released soon: The French Fry Covenant

Carey's 700 Club Interview