Mark Daugherty/Acting


Mark Daugherty/Acting



  • Effective On-Camera Auditioning and/or Technique

  • Navigating Comedy - Single and Multi-Cam

  • Equipped: Business and Self-Management for Actors

  • Navigating The Industry As A Person Of Color


Mark is a working actor in films, TV, commercials, and voice-overs. Mark's first foray into Hollywood was through casting where he interned with some of the industry's biggest CD's and influencers. Mark is a mentor, keynote speaker and acting coach, and he travels nationwide teaching, developing, and training talent of all ages. Mark has appeared in Grey’s Anatomy, The Fosters, Backstrom, The Amazing Spider-Man, I’m Not Ashamed, and Listen, to name a few. Mark lives in L.A. and is a founding member of The Actor's Collective - an all-in-one actor resource. Mark's IMDB.

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