"I dreamed of going to the Olympics, but that door shut due to injuries I had received in track..."

Ben Davies was a college track & field star and is now a leading faith-based film star.

Ben Davies was a college track & field star and is now a leading faith-based film star.

Ben Davies participated in the SHINE Conference twice. A few years later, when Ben was a college athlete, he heard Christ calling him back into the entertainment industry. Today, Ben has been the star in over 15 feature films, including Sherwood Picture's COURAGEOUS.

Ben, how did everything start for you?

Things really started for me because of the people God put in my life. I was blessed to grow up around the camera with my mother owning a talent agency. Because of that, I received training and performed at SHINE. My father was my coach in track and field so I knew what kind of work it took to be the best in your event. After suffering an injury while competing in college track, I was called about an audition. I knew what it would take to get a role like this so drove to Nashville for two straight weeks to train for the role. Later that spring I got the call that I booked the role in COURAGEOUS and my career started from there.

At what point did you know that you wanted to make a career out of acting?

I knew God wanted me to focus on acting after my junior year of college. I had done many commercials and print jobs growing up. I dreamed of going to the Olympics, but that door shut due to injuries I had received in track, so I reluctantly began to walk through the door God opened in entertainment. I have not had any regrets in walking through that door.

What has God been teaching you?

He has been teaching me to “Be Still.” I sometimes get caught up in things that I have no control over, and when that happens you open a door to anxiety and despair. When I “Be Still” and know God is in control, I don’t have to worry about booking the job or what I will do if I fail. I just chill and know that He’s got my back.

Tell us about what you learned from SHINE. How was the experience for you?

SHINE taught me what it takes to be ready for the job. You have hundreds of people all working and praying they catch the eyes of the audience, and because of that I learned to do everything I could before my turn, to be ready for that moment.

What advice would you have for performers who might be considering SHINE?

Just to take it in. There is no other experience I know of where there is true performance and pressure going side by side with hope and encouragement. People come from all over the world to have their shot on stage and though you will love the moment you will also treasure the encouragement and fellowship of your fellow performers.

What doors did being part of the film, Courageous, open up for you?

Courageous opened up a great avenue to be a part of other faith-based films. More importantly, it gave me an opportunity and platform to speak the message of Jesus all around the world.

Being a successful actor in the entertainment industry must have its ups and downs. What are some of these? How have you held on to your faith?

The entertainment industry is full of ups and down. As soon as you wrap up a movie or print job, you are unemployed. That means you have to be ready to focus back up and work for the next one. But because of that I have gained a greater understating of what it means to trust in God.

What has been the most difficult challenge you have faced?

Losing sight of what is important and Who brought me here. It is easy to get distracted by the bright lights, idea of fame, and attention that this world can bring. I often times need to step back and thank God that I am here, focus more on His light, and where he wants me to take it.

Can you pick a favorite movie that you have been part of?

I loved being a part of Rumors of Wars… There are things I’ve loved about all of them, but Rumors of Wars was so much fun to just suit up and be the action hero I dreamed of being as a kid.

What is Rumors of Wars about?

Rumors of Wars is all about standing up for what you believe in. Roxy is a woman who is living in America, trying to uncover truth behind multiple terrorist attacks. The story flashes to the future to find my character, SHAW408, an Alliance soldier, who finds Roxy’s old diary and begins to piece together the truth of how the world got to where it is.

I know you are married! How do you balance a God-centered marriage, while being in the spotlight?

I am so thankful for Molly. Things are never certain and rejection is something that happens on a daily basis as an actor. I cant tell you how awesome it is to have someone like Molly to be there for you and be constant in a very uncertain career. I try to spend time every morning to pray for my marriage and ways I can affirm her. I know trials will come living in the entertainment world. As a couple, we have talked about what she is comfortable with when I am in a scene with another women, and she has been very understanding of the rumors, temptations, and gossip that come with a career in entertainment. We just really want to be prepared and prayed up for when temptations come.

What does your future look like with acting? Any upcoming plans?

I hope my future has more projects with more awesome people! I have completed three new films that should be coming out in the next five months. I am hoping to be on another set this fall.

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