"I was sick during my experience on The Voice and they were so kind. They are sincere people who really want to see you do well."

From her 4-chair turn-around performance on The Voice, Beth has steadily built a career as a rising powerhouse performer.

From her 4-chair turn-around performance on The Voice, Beth has steadily built a career as a rising powerhouse performer.

With a blend of urban, pop and country, recording artist Beth Spangler is steadily working her way to being one of pop culture’s definitive young stars.  Her strong, emotional voice has its own distinctive qualities, while her sparkling personality is contagious both on and off the stage.   A native of Aiken, South Carolina, Beth possesses an endearing southern belle charm that is uniquely and intriguingly offset by her edgy style and soulful vocals, making her unlike any other artist in the business.

Tell us about some stuff that has gone on in your life recently! You have had some pretty big opportunities.

I have had some really great opportunities!!!! Shortly after SHINE, I released two singles, “Like A Bird” and “Bigger Than Love.” I have my own Pandora Station!!! ….so crazy! lol.

In addition, I have had the opportunity to work with Grammy award winning producer, Chris “DEEP” Henderson, Grammy award winning songwriter, Crystal Johnson, and celebrity vocal coach RaAb Stevenson.

How was auditioning for The Voice? What was it like?

The Voice was an incredible experience. My first audition was in Atlanta and I went on to advance through several rounds before becoming one of the 103 that were given a shot at a Blind Audition. It has been an exciting journey! God has blessed me with a lot of new, really wonderful friends, an outstanding amount of spiritual growth, a ton of experience and knowledge both personally and professionally, AND a really amazing testimony!

The opportunity to learn from some of the best in the music business has been a dream come true. This is experience that can not be bought. In addition, the production staff for The Voice is absolutely amazing! They really make the experience pleasant. I was sick during my experience on the show and they were so kind and accommodating. They are sincere people who really want to see you do well. For me, the best part of the experience was being able to wake up every morning and fall asleep every night knowing that I get to focus on doing what I love to do.

Tell us about your experience with SHINE. 

I have always felt it was my calling to have a career in the music industry, but I shied away from every opportunity due to a fear of failure. I felt that calling even stronger after watching my dad suffer a severe heart attack and right leg amputation. He inspired me to do what I am passionate about and had always felt called to do. My mom told me about SHINE. I almost gave into my fears again, but was eventually persuaded by my family. I am so thankful for their persistence because it was the best decision I could have ever made. The best part of auditioning was breaking free of the chains of fear and ultimately becoming a performer!

You grew up in a family full of musicians. What was that like? What made you decide that you wanted to pursue this as a career?

It was fun to grow up with a musical family. Everyone either sings or plays an instrument (or both). When we get together, it ALWAYS leads to singing and making music. I grew up admiring and imitating the musical gifts of my family members and looking forward to the next time we would all sit around and sing. Their constant encouragement and support helped me realize at a very young age that this was my calling.

Is your music necessarily in the “Christian” genre? What made you choose the specific genre?

Prior to SHINE, I always assumed I would pursue music as a Christian artist. It wasn’t until I went through SHINE that I realized there is a significant need for Christians in the secular industry as well. I immediately felt called to be a light in that area. Initially it was a scary path to consider and still can be at times, but I know God walks beside me and goes before me, and that my light will continue to shine brightly as long as I hold tightly to Him. I have chosen to embark upon a career in the Pop genre, with specific sound being pop/soul.

What has been one of the biggest struggles you have faced as a performer?

I think my greatest struggle as a performer is allowing myself to bless my audience instead of trying to impress them. I have always been my biggest critic … to a fault at times… This causes me to focus more on technicality during my performances instead of letting the emotion flow. I have learned throughout my experience on The Voice to put myself aside and let God move through me - so He can accomplish His will through every song, performance, interview etc. Another struggle is figuring out HOW to bless my audience and glorify God when I am singing secular music. Sometimes I have a difficult time connecting with the songs I have to perform.

How did you overcome this? What did God reveal to you through everything?

It is still a work in progress! 😉 Constant prayer has gotten me through and helped me to overcome each challenge, as well as renewing my mind with His word.

God has revealed to me that I am exactly where He wants me and that He is going to lead me as long as I will allow Him to. He has also revealed that my only job is to be a willing vessel and to trust Him and He will do the rest. It puts me at ease knowing that the creator of the universe cares so much about me. It takes the worry out of everything.

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