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I let my dreams die when I thought I couldn’t be in entertainment and be a woman of faith. But my dreams revisited me, and you showed me I can pursue my dreams as long as I keep God first.
— Jasmine, actress, model and creative coach

Do you feel a strong desire to perform?


but you aren't sure how or who to trust


Or whether it can be done with integrity

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SHINE Star Wins It all on "The Four"


For over 35 years, SHINE leaders have helped new stars Realize their potential









"SHINE was one of the greatest experiences of my life. I got the opportunity to understand that I belong somewhere.."

Brandon Arreaga, PRETTYMUCH


The 4 C's

Parents and performers with values wonder how to find "clean" acting or talent instruction. Because most scripts and classes contain adult situations and questionable content... even for children.

SHINE Consultants and Curriculum are modern and relevant, but they are not damaging to impressionable minds. In addition to excellent technique, they help rising performers learn how to survive and thrive in entertainment without the compromises of values and negative consequences prevalent in the news today.


SHINE Consultants are industry pros and people of faith. They'll help you perfect your skills, while affirming your right to stand strong for what you believe.


No matter how talented you are, You need to learn the 7 secrets of success...


How Not to get Gonged

What The Winners Know


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