interactive coaching

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There are 2 ways to Learn:
The easy way or the hard way

The easy way Is to learn from someone you respect. The hard way is from trial & error. So why not choose the easy way?


SHINE offers you exclusive 4-C "Clean Content Certified Coaching" in private, virtual training with outstanding Talent Consultants, who specialize in every genre of the entertainment industry.

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How SHINE Coaching Works

1. SHINE Talent Consultants

You choose your consultant & Areas of Interest. Then are coached and polished by national experts in your Talent Genre.

2. Learn From the Pros at home

You get coached one-on-One in the privacy and convenience of your own home via Zoom Video technology.

3. increase your chances of success

Many top performers employ virtual coaches - in the same way top athletes keep private coaches on call. it helps.

SHINE Coaches

The intensity of a private session helps you keep a winning edge in a competitive field. Book your private coach today.