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Industry Secrets for Performers

marketability TEST


Q. What does every successful performer need, but very few have?

A. An expert analysis of industry marketability. 

Q. What percentage does your talent play in your potential success?

A. 25%. It's a nice start.

Q. What Percentage is everything Else?

A. 75%. But you can't ride far on a quarter tank of fuel.



what you don't know?

The SHINE Pros Are eager to teach you

  • About you! A personal, private series of series of professional consultations, to help you move forward
  • Why the "little" things so important and why industry success is about more than your talent
  • How to maximize your unique assets, while identifying and  strengthening your weaknesses

SHINE's Marketability Assessment

  • Meet SHINE consultant(s) one-on-one, virtually, through Zoom. (A loved one is welcome, too)
  • Virtual, private consultations from talent professionals in the fields of your need and interest
  • Choose up to 5 of the 8 areas below (the first 2 are mandatory, because they're crucial)

Consider Brandon’s Story

Talent Is Not Enough


Some Of The World's Most Talented People Are Still Sitting At Home, Because They Didn't Know The Rest Of The Story


Brandon attended AMTC’s SHINE Convention when he was a talented 10-year-old. He could act, model, sing and dance and came away with callbacks and representation.

Brandon worked on and off for the next 6 years, training, making music, dancing, acting, growing his talents, until he was discovered (online) by a producer for Simon Cowell. At the time, they had put together a new boy group called “PRETTYMUCH.” They had been in training for several months, when one boy was released. They auditioned for his replacement and Brandon won the spot.

Most people would have thought Brandon was a polished and seasoned 16-year-old performer. But Simon Cowell is not most people. He knew Brandon and the group's 4 other young men needed more knowledge, preparation, understanding of their audience– and how to best reach them. So they went into another 18 months of training before they started performing publicly as PRETTYMUCH.


SHINE 100-point
Talent Marketability assessment

Unique and ground-breaking. learn what you need to do, have and be to get ahead in entertainment. Preview the quiz below.


1. Appearance & Physical Marketability

MANDATORY (because this part is crucial to your success)

On how many of the 20 Categories below would you give yourself an "A" - meaning "know it All" or "mastered it"?

  1. Fitness: my health, strength, vigor & tone are attractive.
  2. Skin: my skin tone is even & clear.
  3. Facial Shape: I know my facial shape, strengths & best angles.
  4. Makeup Supplies: I have (female or male) makeup essentials.
  5. Eyebrows & Teeth: They meet industry standards.
  6. Nails & Hands: They meet industry standards.
  7. Hairstyle: I have a modern & marketable style.
  8. Posture (standing, walking, sitting): I am straight & strong.
  9. Wardrobe & Accessories: My clothes are modern & well-fitted.
  10. Eye Contact: I look at people straight in the eyes.
  11. Smiling: I smile often & know my best smile(s).
  12. Grace & Coordination: I've studied dance & movement.
  13. "I", "C" and "S" Movements: I am practiced & skilled in them.
  14. Entrances & Exits: I know what is proper in different situations.
  15. Age-Relevance: My overall appearance is age appropriate.
  16. Conversation & Interview Skills: I speak clearly & converse easily.
  17. Authenticity: My appearance, conversation & reactions are sincere.
  18. Unique Branding: I cherish originality, but I also study style trends.
  19. Social Media Presence: I am strategically growing it.
  20. Confidence: I like how I look & it shows in my candids & pictures.

2. Attitude, Personality & Achievements

MANDATORY (because this part is crucial to your success)

On how many of the 20 Categories below would you give yourself an "A" - meaning "know it All" or "mastered it"?

    1. Confidence: I am a confident person.
    2. Humility: I am not boastful, proud or condescending.
    3. Aptitude: I am a quick learner.
    4. Human Interest: I treat all people with interest, sincerity & kindness.
    5. Academic Achievements: I have awards, degrees & commendations.
    6. Sports Achievements: I am skilled/ accomplished upper level sports.
    7. Military & Volunteer Achievements: I like to serve & help other people.
    8. Patience: I am patient, persistent & have a 5-year plan for my talent goals.
    9. Perseverance: I am determined and do not quit or give up easily.
    10. Social Savvy: I am discreet, honest & P.C. - even when I disagree.
    11. Flexibility: I am open to professional feedback & new opportunities.
    12. Resilience: I understand critics & rejection are part of this industry.
    13. Faith & Optimism: I look for the best in people & hard situations.
    14. Personality: I am outgoing & talk easily with people, including strangers.
    15. Family: My parents/spouse are positive, helpful & non-demanding.
    16. Courage: I stand up for people, push through fear & move forward.
    17. Appreciation: I am thankful in all regards & write thank you notes.
    18. Non-Complaint: I understand non-urgent complaints are deal-breakers.
    19. Regard & Respect: I regard and respect all people equally and courteously.
    20. Partying/Friends: I know what is acceptable & what is not.

    3. Entertainment industry knowledge

    MANDATORY (because you're not taken seriously without it)

    On how many of the 20 Categories below would you give yourself an "A" - meaning "know it All" or "mastered it"?

      1. Networking: I know how to connect with industry professionals.
      2. Social Tics: I have no social "tics," like shyness or over-talking.
      3. Speech Tics: I have no speech "tics," like 'um' or 'you know.'
      4. Industry Savvy: I know how to act in various situations.
      5. Industry Terms: I know & use common terms & words.
      6. Industry VIP's: I know the power players & leaders in my field.
      7. Industry Positions: I know the roles of agents, managers, producers, etc.
      8. Unions, Commissions & Pay: I know what to expect & accept.
      9. Contracts, Buyouts, etc: I know what to expect & accept.
      10. Behind-The-Scenes: I understand how the Talent Industry works.
      11. Marketing: My resume, photos, reels or music are industry standard.
      12. Special Skills: I continue to add resume-relevant skills CD's like to see.
      13. Audition Wardrobe: I know what to wear, do & say in auditions.
      14. Audition Candids & Videos: I am skilled in visuals & cold reads.
      15. Communication: I know what & how the industry demands.
      16. Flexibility: I know how to handle on-set, last-minute changes.
      17. Cross-Training: I am not a "one trick" pony.
      18. Social Media: I understand branding & being an influencer.
      19. Unacceptable Requests: I know when & how to say "no".
      20. Scams: I recognize industry cons, scams & never-opt-in's.

      4. Modeling: Commercial and/or Fashion

      On how many of the 20 Categories below would you give yourself an "A" - meaning "know it All" or "mastered it"?

      1. Physical Requirements: I know them & meet them for my type.
      2. Diet & Fitness: I am healthy, disciplined & not compulsive.
      3. Modeling VIP's: I know top designers, agencies, models & photographers.
      4. Photo Quality: My photos are national (not local) level.
      5. Photo Quantity: I know how many photos agents & clients want to see.
      6. Photo Scams: I recognize unacceptable prices & rip-off's.
      7. Close-ups: I am confident & skilled in angles & expressions.
      8. Fine points: I know how to smolder, chicken neck & smile naturally.
      9. Photo Movement: I know how to walk, dance, jump & turn for pictures.
      10. Extremities: I know to do's & don't do's with elbows, wrists, hands & feet.
      11. Types of Modeling: I know the types of modeling & which ones I can do.
      12. Acting: I study acting & understand its importance in modeling success.
      13. Walking/Runway: I am familiar/practiced in  the 16 rules of walking.
      14. Finesse: I understand entrances, exits, gliding, friendly intensity & lasting looks.
      15. Modeling w/ Partners: I am experienced in working with other models.
      16. Modeling Go-Sees: I understand do's, don'ts & what to expect.
      17. Dressing Room Etiquette & Model's Tote Bag: I'm practiced & prepared.
      18. Beauty: I understand beauty is not enough. I am a professional.
      19. Model Behavior: I am committed to role model behavior on set & off. 
      20. Limits: I have limits & know how to say no, w/ tact & professionalism. 

      5. Singing

      On how many of the 20 Categories below would you give yourself an "A" - meaning "know it All" or "mastered it"?

      1. Song Choice: I know what's marketable & how to maximize my assets.
      2. Song Compatibility: My song choices match my age, look, brand & voice.
      3. Voice Tone: I understand breath control, resonance & depth.
      4. Voice Range: I know my top range & do not push into strident notes.
      5. Instruments: I play or know instruments & accompaniment dynamics.
      6. Pitch: I've maximized my pitch & avoid drifting or "dead" zones.
      7. Stage Presence: I  have charisma & know how to draw in a crowd.
      8. Auditions: I know the requirements for different productions & venues.
      9. Editing: I understand song editing: how to maximize my voice w/ the song.
      10. Demo songs: I know what music industry VIP's want - & do not want.
      11. Originality: I know how to make a cover song my own.
      12. Coach-ability: I am open to coaching & respect industry professionals.
      13. Harmony & Backing Vocals: I am skilled & experienced in these areas.
      14. Work Ethic: I am continually working to improve myself as an artist.
      15. Collaboration: I am experienced in collaborating with other artists.
      16. Etiquette: I know VIP, crew, stage, production & audience etiquette.
      17. Songwriting: I am an active songwriter working on original material.
      18. Industry Overview: I have a good overview of the music industry.
      19. Cross Training: I pursue acting & modeling to further my opportunities. 
      20. Performance Practice: I perform regularly & understand its importance.

      6. Commercial Acting

      On how many of the 20 Categories below would you give yourself an "A" - meaning "know it All" or "mastered it"?

      1. Type: I know my most marketable character or commercial "type".
      2. Training:  I have participated in commercial on-camera classes.
      3. Experience: I have a growing, industry-appropriate resume. 
      4. Headshot: I have a marketable commercial headshot.
      5. Ads & Commercials: I know spokesperson, slice of life & voiceover.
      6. Voiceovers: I have studio access, equipment & demo reels ready.
      7. 3 Commercial Parts: I understand the intro, body & conclusion.
      8. In Character: I know how to get, stay & grow in character.
      9. MOS Commercials/Videos: I am familiar, practice & comfortable.
      10. Improv: I'm good at Improv & continue to practice this skill.
      11. On-Camera Movement: I understand stage & set blocking, angles.
      12. Legalities: I understand contracts, per diems, buyouts & residuals.
      13. Auditions: I know do's, don'ts, wardrobe & callback procedures.
      14. Auditions Protocols: I know how to enter & exit an audition.
      15. Tracking: I know how to track my work on TV, web, etc.

      16. Audition Wardrobe: I know about too much, too little, do's & don'ts.
      17. On-Camera Headshots: I understand head, face & expressions.
      18. Acting w/ Partners: I understand ensembles, lifestyle & stories.
      19. Getting Booked: I know the make or break follow-up decisions.
      20. Limits: I know how to set limits & not get black-balled.

      7. Film Acting

      On how many of the 20 Categories below would you give yourself an "A" - meaning "know it All" or "mastered it"? 

      1. Film Type: I know my most marketable film type.
      2. Training & Experience: I continue in film acting classes.
      3. Independent Films: I understand how to find & book them.
      4. Background Work: I understand its importance & opportunities.
      5. Authenticity: I know how to bring truth to my roles.
      6. Camera Angles: I know the basics & what's expected of me.
      7. Self Submission: I know how to professionally self-submit.
      8. Reels: I have them &/or know how to make good ones.
      9. Out Of Sequence: I understand how to shoot out of sequence.
      10. Unions: I understand when, how, where, why or why not.

      11. Theatrical Headshots: I know the rules, procedures & costs.
      12. Theatrical Resume: I know the proper layout - beginners to pro.
      13. IMDB: I know what to list and show as I move forward.

      14. Scenes & Ensembles: I understand interaction, reaction & timing.
      15. Speech: I know phonation, enunciation, accents & speech dynamics.
      16. Markets: I know the major film markets & how they're unique.
      17. TV: I know how to block & shoot high-stakes ensemble scenes.
      18. Casting Websites: I know the best ones & what to avoid.
      19. Filmmaking: I understand its components,  parts & players.
      20. Web Series: I know how & why to grow my web content.

      8. Dance

      On How Many Of The 20 Categories Below Would You Give Yourself An "A" - Meaning "Know It All" Or "Mastered It"? 

      1. Posture: My neck, shoulders, back, hips & chest are properly aligned.
      2. Timing & Rhythm: I follow the beat & can pause for effect.
      3. Body Lines: My lines are fluid, graceful & powerful.
      4. Presentation: My dance tells a story with the music.
      5. Moves: I complete my moves cleanly, without stumbling or settling.
      6. Variety: I include a variety of movements & am not repetitive.
      7. Facial Expression: My face is real, involved & in tune with my dance.
      8. Audience Involvement: I know how to win an audience.
      9. Costuming: I understand finesse in my dance wardrobe.
      10. Choreography: I am experienced & learn choreography quickly.
      11. Dance Cross Training: I understand its importance.
      12. Talent Cross Training: I can act, model &/or sing.
      13. Flexibility: I am limber & have high reach.
      14. Strength: I am toned, strong & powerful.
      15. Stage Blocking: I know how to use the stage effectively.
      16. Feet & Hands: My feet & hands are on point & graceful.
      17. Musicality: I know how to interpret different songs.
      18. Hair, Makeup & Appearance: I am unique but within pro standards.
      19. Signature Moves: I brand moves that are audience favorites.
      20. Experience: I have a strong resume of training & performance.