Q. How can I audition?

A. The FREE SHINE 7 Secrets Webinar is a mandatory first step before auditioning for SHINE and/or scheduling SHINE services.  Why? We need to know you are serious, smart and informed. The amazing SHINE 7 Secrets Webinar is offered each week. Please choose a day and time that works for you. You will receive life-changing information regarding your talent. Whether or not you become part of SHINE, this webinar will teach you how to get out of "the pack" and learn to to lead it: how to get in the top 1% of working performers– the right way for the right reasons.

Q. What happens After the 7 Secrets Webinar?

A. You will receive an email invitation to a virtual audition (along with detailed instructions). You'll also receive a link to SHINE's tuition, fees and requirements for the SHINE VIP Intensive, the 100-Point Talent Marketability Assessment, as well as other personalized options and services. SHINE is intended for intelligent, elite, talented performers (and families) with the faith and courage to move forward in the entertainment industry.

Q. If I audition, Then what happens?

A. SHINE offers a FREE post-audition service that is almost impossible to find in the entertainment industry: Personal Audition FEEDBACK. Even if you don't pass the SHINE audition, our Talent Consultant will give you a kind and honest evaluation. Because in "normal" auditions and castings, if performers are not selected, they don't know if they were close– or not "in the game." They don't know what to pursue or how to improve. Therefore, most stay in the bottom 99%. Or even worse, they give up altogether. But what if they just needed to know what they did right and how to fix what they did wrong?

Q. What if I have personal Questions?

A. You'll receive personal answers. We welcome your questions via Live Chat, email or telephone. Contact PageSHINE's Talent Consultants are committed to helping promising new performers. However, we encourage you to watch the "7 Secrets" Webinar first. We want to work with winners, and winners make it their business to be informed.

Q. Why do you keep talking about the Top 1%?

A. Because working with top talent (or those headed in that direction) is SHINE's special niche. Because our time is limited and so is yours. Because we've learned through decades of industry experience that talent alone is not enough. It's just one part of a very big puzzle. We understand that puzzle, and we want to show you how to make yours into a beautiful picture.


Note: "Star Stories" and "videos" on this website Feature AMTC "SHINE" grads, who were discovered and/or prepared by SHINE,LLC Owners and talent consultants