The SHINE Prep Program is designed to polish and prepare performers physically and spiritually. Physically, a strong emphasis is placed on branding, marketability and performance. Spiritually, performers are taught by professionals, who will share their knowledge on how to be in this world, succeed in this world, but not become of it. On a practical level, as in sports or business, success in the entertainment industry requires more than raw talent. It requires heart, study, practice, guidance and determination. AMTC's 24 years "before-Christ" years have given God's performers know-how and connections previously unavailable.

To His Own disciples, Jesus put it this way: "Behold, I send you out as sheep in the midst of wolves. Therefore be wise as serpents and harmless as doves" (Matthew 10:16).

SHINE Prep Includes

Access to

  • Study modules: over 200 articles, videos and photo tutorials
  • Cross training: versatility is required of 21st century performers
  • Style training: raise your image to an industry-ready level
  • Marketability: establish your brand and learn how to promote it
  • Daily Devotions: the Word of God applied to performers

Monthly Workshops at AMTC Hubs*

  • Hubs: NY/NJ • Los Angeles • Chicago • Atlanta • Orlando • Dallas • Denver • Seattle
  • Team of Talent Consultants in acting, modeling, singing and dance
  • A unique combination of physical and spiritual preparation
  • Ignite orientation: Get started as soon as you register
  • Dress Rehearsal: a vital run-through of your SHINE showcases
  • Connect with other Christian performers in your area

VIP Webinars with Live Q&A**

  • Monthly
  • Watch from any device with internet
  • VIP Q & A's live after webinar
  • Watch previous webinar recordings.

*3-6 hour Saturday workshops. SHINE performers receive a discouted rate of $40 **VIP Webinars are included for SHINE performers. They are also available directly to the public for a reasonable fee.