The SHINE Prep Program is designed to polish and prepare performers physically and spiritually. 

A strong emphasis is placed on branding, marketability and performance techniques.

Performers are taught by a faith-based program which shares how to succeed in the world of entertainment, but not become of it, to "be wise as serpents and harmless as doves" (Matthew 10:16).


    SHINE Prep IncludeS


    Access to

    Study modules: over 200 articles, videos and photo tutorials

    Cross training: versatility is required of 21st century performers

    Style training: raise your image to an industry-ready level

    Marketability: establish your brand and learn how to promote it

    Daily Devotions: the Word of God applied to performers


    Monthly Workshops at AMTC Hubs*

    Hubs: NY/NJ • L.A. • Chicago • Atlanta • Orlando • Dallas • Denver • Seattle

    Team of Talent Consultants in acting, modeling, singing and dance

    A unique combination of physical and spiritual preparation

    Ignite orientation: Get started as soon as you register

    Dress Rehearsal: a vital run-through of your SHINE showcases

    Connect with other Christian performers in your area

    VIP Webinars with Live Q&A**


    Watch from any device with internet

    VIP Q & A's live after webinar

    Watch previous webinar recordings.


    *3-6 hour Saturday workshops. SHINE performers receive a discouted rate of $40
    **VIP Webinars are included for SHINE performers. They are also available directly to the public for a reasonable fee.